About Us

We tell you the truth about Silver (and other precious metals)


There are 3 High Priests. The Grand High Priest is a retired Senior Bank and International Wealth Manager. He is ably assisted by two others: an Economist who also runs an Overseas Property Portfolio, and an Accountant with International Trade and Transport experience.


There are a number of Elders which include: a retired Central Bank Economist, a Scientist and a former Military Intelligence Officer plus existing and former members from the world of Business and Politics.

How it all started

This channel began in 2015 at a time when gold and silver had fallen some 40% - 60% since its 2011 highs.

Despite this we still saw further downside and were horrified at the precious metal pumpers (many of whom were bullion dealers or earned a living within this industry) all but encouraging people to purchase (particularly gold and silver), even when it became clear (2012 onwards) that there was an inevitable decline in price ahead. In addition, we saw price predictions of $50,000 oz gold and $1000 oz silver being touted, (in one case $100,000 oz silver) and realised that innocent ‘investors’, ‘savers’ were being hoodwinked. We felt it our moral duty to provide accurate information, correct these nonsenses and provide our view of where we saw this industry heading.

Why act incognito?

Although we are generally retired, we are still called upon to provide advice and guidance to the industries to which we formerly belonged. We do not wish to jeopardise this relationship by sometimes speaking out against those industries in general. So whilst we will never breach a confidentiality agreement we may have, nor reveal anything discussed under Chatham House rules, there is much information we can still reveal which we feel will be of benefit to our members, subscribers and viewers.