According to Anthony Zurcher a North American reporter for the BBC in an article published yesterday, “Republican leaders are currently thrashing about – holding secret meetings, issuing confidential memos and making public denunciations – as they approach a state of near panic over what Donald Trump is doing to their party. It’s enough to make some believe that Mr Trump may not have the Republican establishment’s best interests at heart. Could Donald Trump be a secret double-agent, sent by Democrats to destroy their party from within?”

He cites Jebb Bush’s tweet which reads: “Maybe Donald negotiated a deal with his buddy Hillary Clinton,” after Mr Trump cited a poll showing his supporters would stick with him if he left the Republican Party. “Continuing this path will put her in the White House.”

He goes on to comment that Trump, belittling his Republican opponents and adopting quite right wing non-inclusive agendas will make it difficult for the Republican Party to win.

According to Conservative commentator Brian Cates; “Trump didn’t jump into this race because of his deep abiding love for America, or his being a Republican or caring about conservatism,” he writes. “Trump jumped into this race because BILL CLINTON urged him to.”

All that said, one cannot forget that Donald Trump: was a heavy critic of President’s Obama’s place of birth; has stated that Hillary Clinton should go to jail for the alleged ‘email scandal;’ and that she was “the worst Secretary of State” ever.

Conspiracy or not, we suspect we summarised it well in our video of 22nd September “Knives out for Trump – His enemy? – The Republican Party”