President Bashar al Assad blames the US-led coalition for the expansion of ISIS.

According to Sky News today:

‘Syria’s president blames the US and coalition forces for the jihadists’ growth, while praising Russia for bombing his enemies.’

Mr Assad said “”Since the beginning of that (US-led) coalition, if you want to talk about facts, not opinion, since the beginning of that coalition, ISIS (Islamic State group) has expanded and the recruiting from around the world has increased……….While since the participation of Russia in the same fight, so-called against terrorism, ISIS has been shrinking. And al-Nusra  (Nusra Front) of course and the other terrorist groups. So this is reality. The facts are telling.”

When asked what is necessary to stop the 4 year civil war Mr Assad replied: “”When those countries that I mentioned – France, UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other – stop supporting those terrorists.”

For reference the Syrian leader is supported by Russia and Iran while ridiculed and condemned by the Western Powers.