As we write, silver currently stands at $13.95 (£9.36) down 15 cents since Monday. Rather perplexing especially as the UK Parliament has just voted in favour of Military Action in Syria coupled with ever increasing threats from Russia against Turkey. We are clearly witnessing poor investor sentiment towards the precious Metals currently and one has to ask the question, how low would the silver (and gold) price... Read more
When people are considering whether to invest in precious metals or not, one of the first things that come to mind is whether they should invest in gold. Many give little thought to investing in silver, especially in the Western World. One of the main reasons for this is that the TV and Radio News regularly reports the price rises and falls in gold bullion, but very rarely does silver get a mention. In this article w... Read more
In times of economic recession, one of the most likely actions to be taken by any government is to devalue the currency by printing more money and putting more cash into circulation. This of course in time, results in inflation, which means the pound or dollar in your pocket is worth less. If it gets out of control then hyperinflation may also occur as witnessed during the Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe a... Read more
Buying Gold – Tips on Costs Most small Investors will have no doubt been aware of the recent rise in the price of gold and subsequent correction. Like many precious metals, the higher the price, the more attractive and alluring it becomes especially when the public feels that its on an upward trend – even though one can buy less for the same money. Ironically in the West, as the price falls pe... Read more
There are many arguments in favour of investing in gold, not least of which includes:
  • It's a potential hedge against inflation
  • It has intrinsic value
  • Fear of future hyper inflation
  • Quantitative Easing eroding currency values
  • World Recession
  • Gold's impressive performance since records began.
The most pessimistic of advisers recommend a 2% ... Read more