Members of the European Union  have agreed to draw up a blacklist of tax havens in the wake of the Panama Papers leaks. Finance ministers have endorsed the move, which is to be completed by the end of the summer. The European Commission says countries on the tax blacklist should be sanctioned if appeals for change go unheeded. Ministers have also agreed to exchange information on the beneficial owners of co... Read more
The Regional Councils in France are responsible for education, public transport and other administrative sectors. By the close of business today, the final votes for these Councils will be in. Nevertheless early results show that the National Front has failed to build on its first-round leads in the French local elections and has not won any regions. Marine Le Pen's far-right group gained more votes nationally tha... Read more
According to Anthony Zurcher a North American reporter for the BBC in an article published yesterday, “Republican leaders are currently thrashing about - holding secret meetings, issuing confidential memos and making public denunciations - as they approach a state of near panic over what Donald Trump is doing to their party. It's enough to make some believe that Mr Trump may not have the Republican establishment's ... Read more