Right now silver is probably the most undervalued asset in the history of the world, but not for long.

The Silver Eagle and silver bullion are dirt cheap. Miners are either closing or sustaining losses. Many sectors depend on silver.
Whether you are wealth building, into commodities investing or just plain money investing, having some precious metals in your possession is worth considering. Get the facts before dismissing silver as an old relic of the past.
Why do most investors in gold and silver get ripped off? We are never taught anything about gold and silver through our education system. That's why many gold dealers are able to easily rip-off unsuspecting buyers of gold and silver. Financial advisors and journalists aren't giving you the truth either, as to how gold and silver fit into a properly diversified portfolio. So naturally, people are looking for answers. "Buy Gold and Silver Safely" provides those answers by explaining why gold and silver need to be a part of everyone's portfolio, and helping people learn about buying gold and silver safely.
Learn how to start safely investing in silver and gold in less than an hour. This is the only gold and silver investing book you will ever need.

"Stack Silver Get Gold will become "the bible" for both first time and long time precious metal investors. Tons of useful information and very well written. You have a real winner in this book." -Bill Zielinski (editor of goldandsilverblog.com)
Michael Maloney is widely recognized as a leading expert on monetary history, economics, economic cycles investing, and precious metals. He is CEO and founder of GoldSilver.com, one of the world's largest gold and silver bullion dealers, CEO and founder of WealthCycles.com, an educational website, and host of the most popular video series on the topics of monetary history, economics and economic cycles, The Hidden Secrets of Money.