Bix Weir : Genius or Misguided?

Video transcript:

Today is Monday 10th August 2015 and we would like to ask, your views on Bix Weir while we express ours.

Bix Weir is the owner of the website which we believe essentially argues that there is a Group of People behind the scenes rigging the various financial markets in order to crash the global economic system, so that a new system may be introduced.

Partly based on the hidden messages behind certain ‘children’s comic books’ and the 1960’s theory ‘On the Road to the Golden Age’ – he suggests that the Grand Plan is to run the fiat currency system, as long as possible, and when everything collapses, walk away from the debt, having built up one’s physical assets and military. He also maintains the possibility of vast amounts of Gold being stored, hidden in various parts of the US including “Chocolate Mountain”. In fact he estimates that some 2 million tonnes of gold has been mined or is readily available as opposed to the general consensus of around 200,000 tons. He suggests that this gold may be revealed upon the collapse of the economic system allowing the US to revert to a gold standard, now able to support its currency with these vast hidden reserves.

He was first brought to our attention when an email reached us a few years ago, showing the case he made for $136,000 silver (albeit after a significant number of factors came into play).
He also predicted the “collapse of the Financial Market in Summer 2011”

On the SGT Report on 18th April 2011 he stated that he thought silver at $1000 an ounce “is conservative”. On the 17th June 2011 on Time Monk Radio he stated that silver and gold “are the only alternatives to an unbacked/fiat money system” – a failure of some 3000 such currencies throughout history supported this inevitability. He then went on to admit that he had previously given potential values for silver at $1,000, $7,000 and $70,000 an oz.

Again on the SGT Report which was broadcast on 22nd Feb 2012 he stated that “there is a 99% chance by the end of this year we’ll be talking about, if not actually going back to, a Gold Standard.
He was interviewed by Don Harold on 7th April 2013 where he stated that the markets were controlled and manipulated to the fullest extent – and when asked when will it end? He answered “hopefully it will end very soon”.

On the 7th May 2013 On The Financial Survival Network, he declared “Metals are going fast” – there will shortly be a “Hard Stop” in trading of electronic and physical metals.

On the 22nd March 2015, he told Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog about the impending economic collapse: I believe it will be here this year, and that’s my final conclusion. I am looking around September, but I believe it has already started. He also told USA Watchdog, “We’re at a point in our system and in the manipulation where people within the FED and within our Government are ready to pull the plug on the game, and basically crash the system.

On the SGT Report on 5th July 2015 he predicts a September Collapse of the Markets and Financial system possibly in line with the “Shemitah” but he did add the comment “But I don’t know if they can hold it together for that long”.

So this guy, who we don’t doubt has a very impressive website and is one of the more knowledgeable people in the precious metals market, has been wrong about an imminent collapse in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and we only have 1 more month to wait and see if the same applies to 2015.

Now it is very easy to criticise, and one has to admire people who are willing to place themselves ‘on the line’ by giving predictions – both in terms of price and time. However, we have to say, so far Bix has been wrong on each of these forecasts and we shall know very soon whether he has been wrong again.

Our view is this: People like Bix Weir have a significant following – whether they are paid subscribers or not. Many have invested their savings in Gold and Silver because of their belief in his theory and message. Now admittedly we must all take responsibility for our own actions, but many turn to ‘experts’ like Bix for guidance. Those who followed him since 2011 are now losing up to 60% of their invested wealth. Some unfortunately have had to liquidate their holdings at great cost to themselves and their family.

Now, we do not know whether Bix is a Genius or misguided, what we do believe is that he has at least a little responsibility for helping to make some people’s lives a misery. Whilst we like to think that this was never his intention, we want to make it clear to anyone who advocates precious metals that they should do so with a degree of sobriety, and highlight the possible risks of following their beliefs and actions – even though it may not be advice.

That’s our opinion – what is yours?

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