China, Hong Kong, Washington, Frankfurt – illuminati silver update

Video transcript:

Today is Saturday 16th April 2016 and we are updating you as to what is actually going on in the precious metals arena and what we at illuminati silver have been doing.

Firstly we wish to apologise for the non-production of videos and responses to comments during the past 4 days. In fact, each of the illuminati silver Principals have been travelling the globe in very diverse directions: one to China and Hong Kong, another to Washington and the third to Frankfurt. There is much to report and therefore we ask you please to watch out for our videos over the next few days.

Members of our Inner sanctum will also receive additional reports during the week directly via email and so if you haven’t already signed up please do so at our website

The inner sanctum will be opened in June and those who qualify will be invited to join. Our regular weekly update will be published later today and our first update from our overseas visits will be published from Monday onwards.

There is much excitement ahead for the precious metals market so please stay tuned.

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