Christmas Gold/Silver Pumpers Poem

Video transcript:

Christmas is a time for joy
Whether you are a girl or boy
The festive season we must cheer
For there is Santa and his reindeer

Not long now before the day
When adults get drunk and their children play
A day for harmony and glee
Turkey, mince pies and cups of tea

It is however a time to reflect
Those less fortunate we must not neglect
Not everyone has company this day
And for whom we all must help and pray

On a lighter note in a festive jumper
We’ll be thinking of that gold /silver pumper
You know the ones like Keizer and Maloney
Mannarino, Celente, Schiff and Polny

Those guys who have for many a year
Moved you from a place of joy to fear
To an area in which you have been sold
you cannot survive without their gold

They spend each day making you quiver
The only remedy to buy their silver
The world is coming to an end be sure
Only precious metals will endure

They warn you of that fiat dollar
which will lead you to a state of squalor
Throw it away its worthless you see
Alternatively they command send it to me

For your worthless cash we can settle
To give you ounces of precious metal
Hasten before their prices rocket
Safer in our than your pocket

Should prices go down no need to fret
Just buy more and have no regret
The dollar will collapse very soon
And their prices will fly to the moon

Whilst we admit to be believers too
That gold and silver are for us and you
The purpose of our Festive Rhyme
Is to say don’t panic you have plenty of time.

Merry Christmas to you all.