Illuminati Silver Launches New Face Book Page at www. facebook. com/illuminatisilver

Video transcript:

Today is Friday 22nd January 2015 and we are announcing the launch of our new Facebook Page which can be found at

We have launched our new Facebook Page ahead of schedule and would like to invite you to view it, like it, and share our content with your Facebook friends.

As well as containing all of our videos (which we are still in the process of uploading) there will be other content that you may find interesting which may not be found on our You Tube Channel or Website

In the spirit of our community we will be encouraging communication and debate.

We see this as another opportunity for all of our subscribers to communicate with each other and share information for the good of all.

So, please support us by visiting

We hope you have found this video interesting and useful, and if so, please give it a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly visit our website regularly at


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