Inauguration Message to President Trump

Video transcript:

Today is Thursday 19th January 2017 and we are conveying a brief message to President-elect Donald Trump.

At noon tomorrow Friday 20th January, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States and will become the most important man on earth.

Many people, politicians and Heads of State have had and have their reservations. We too have our reservations, but that said the American people elected him and he therefore has the right to govern.

Our message to President Trump is simple:

“do not forget that you carry an awesome responsibility, not only for the people who voted for you, not only for the people of the United States but for the people of the entire world.

Your decisions will impact the lives of many and in some cases may even cause the loss of their lives. Every Command you give every word you utter and every tweet you send will resonate with a level of importance far beyond that of any other human being alive.

President Trump we ask you to remember this, sacrifice your own personal gain for the benefit of your people and that of mankind, and then and only then will you go down in History as the best President the World has ever seen.

We wish you well at tomorrow’s inauguration."

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