Info Wars on the precious metal ‘Pumpers’? – You decide

Video transcript:

Today is Wednesday 29th July 2015 and we have produced this video to ask our loyal listeners if they would like us to reveal whom we believe to be the Silver and Gold ‘pumpers’ and what it is that they have said previously – in effect creating an ‘info-war’ on the pumpers of precious metals?

Now when we began this channel, it was for the sole purpose of discussing issues surrounding precious metals, with an emphasis on Silver. One of our recent videos mildly criticised the actions of Mike Maloney, and such has been the vicious backlash and vitriol from a small number of people, it has led us to believe that we may be on to something and our suspicions have been aroused. After all, whilst no-one likes criticism, ours was very mild – so why the energetic attacking response adopted? Well this has led us to research further and this is what we have found.

If you look on You Tube, around 90% of the Precious Metal videos are produced in favour of buying gold and silver almost regardless of the current price. Within that, there are perhaps a dozen channels that interview the same people between them – who constantly ‘pump up’ the need to buy gold and silver. The message from these people is almost the same. Only on a very rare occasion have we found an interviewee slightly arguing with the premise put forward by that channel. Then we discover that in the majority of cases, the interviewees either trade in precious metals, write newsletters for the industry, or work for bullion dealers. Further a number of the channels are sponsored by, or actually owned by Precious Metal Companies.

So we wondered, whether there is an appetite amongst our listeners for us to comment upon whom we think are guilty of the ‘pumping charge’.

Rest assured, our intention is not to offend nor is it to create a negative environment. However, such a series of videos, may at least address this 90% ‘pumping balance’ and perhaps alert new listeners and people considering buying precious metals as to the ‘propaganda’ that belies this most noble of ‘collecting’ activities.

This will entail a lot of work on our part, and we only wish to undertake it, if there is a desire for it. So please comment and let us know. We will then make a judgement based on the responses we receive.
Whether the answer is a ‘yes or no’ a thumb up would still be appreciated.


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