What would you like to be included in our Inner Sanctum?

Video transcript:

Today is Sunday 9th October 2016 and we are asking our subscribers and viewers what they would like to see offered within our Inner Sanctum.

As many of our subscribers know, we have been providing videos on You Tube for just over 18 months with in excess of 260 videos produced.

We admit, that as most people’s attention last 5 – 10 minutes, we have kept these videos within that time constraint, covering subjects such as precious metals, political issues and banking and finance. We are aware however that many of you want more in depth information and our true insights into what is going on in the world and why. For this purpose we had planned to set up our Inner Sanctum.

The plan was to launch this over 6 months ago, but because initially there have been security issues, with our site being targeted on no less than 6 occasions, we did not wish to hold members details until we were absolutely certain that they cannot be hacked. The second issue has been ill health of the two main leaders of this organisation which has caused an extension in the delay. The good news is we are now happy with the security and the health issues have abated.

Our goal is not to build a channel larger than any of those provided by our competitors but to provide our subscribers with high quality information, cutting edge opinions and an opportunity to be exposed to people whom they would ordinarily not have the opportunity to meet or listen to, or have their questions answered by.

With this in mind we have a number of items to offer our inner sanctum members. These will range from: daily videos and or reports on general economic, political and precious metal issues well in advance of anything that we send on general release to YouTube; reports on mining companies and our analysis of them; a daily technical analysis summary with graphs; and a bi monthly webinar where members can sign in and contribute and have their questions answered.

The main question we have to ask you is what else would you like to see included within our Inner sanctum and also what monthly price is acceptable to you to participate. You will no doubt appreciate that to provide a much higher level of service, costs and expenses will be incurred, and these have to be covered together with recruiting a researcher/analyst to assist us in this task. It is our intention to re-invest any surplus income into expanding the operation and improving further the facilities and opportunities we can offer members.

Our launch date for the Inner Sanctum is Monday 2nd January 2017, which will enable us to ensure everything is in place and that your requirements are included if at all possible. You can either let us know your thoughts and views by commenting below this video or alternatively sending us an email to illuminatisilver@gmail.com

We shall also be sending our website subscribers emails shortly advising them of our progress and other areas we plan to include that we do not wish to be made available to non-subscribers, so please do not forget to go to our website illuminatisilver.com and enter your basic contact details there.

We hope you have found this video interesting and informative and if so, please give it a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly visit our website at illuminatisilver.com and if you haven’t already done so please subscribe as a free member for regular email updates and offers. Our Facebook page which is updated daily can be found at facebook.com/illuminatisilver


Illuminati Silver owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of its owners.