Megan Kelly Leaves Fox News and Joins NBC

Video transcript:

Today is Tuesday 3rd January 2017 and we are very briefly commenting on Megan Kelly’s defection from Fox News to NBC.

Fox News presenter 46 year old Megan Kelly, who has worked for the channel for 12 years, is leaving the network to join NBC.

Ms Kelly will host her own daytime news and discussion program at NBC, as well as presenting an in-depth Sunday night news show and will be a regular contributor to political coverage.

This move deprives Fox News of its second most-popular host after Bill O'Reilly who is rumoured to be considering retirement in the not too distant future.

Ms Kelly's contract with Fox was due to end in the Summer, and it is alleged that she was offered some $20 million to stay by Rupert Murdoch. However she has expressed and hinted previously that though money was important, time to spend with her children plus the ability to have a relatively free hand was even more important to her.

NBC News chairman Andrew Lack called Ms Kelly "an exceptional journalist who has demonstrated tremendous skill and poise……We're lucky to have her.”

She gained international awareness in 2015 when she accused Donald Trump of misogyny during a Republican Presidential debate and has had a shaky relationship with him ever since. Though they appeared to have patched things up, this was in our opinion just conducted out of necessity as she feared for her security and also was under pressure from within her network.

We see this move as providing her with a green light to be far more critical of the Trump Presidency than she could be if working for Fox News.

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