Queen Elizabeth II will invite President Trump for a State Visit in 2017

Video transcript:

Today is Sunday 20th November 2016 and we are quoting a report published in the Sunday Times newspaper today that HM the Queen will invite President Trump to Britain after his inauguration next year for a State Visit in order to “cement close ties between the two countries”.

Prime Minister Theresa May has already been invited by Donald Trump to visit him as soon as possible, and both parties are keen to establish close relations.

Now we know that the American President visiting our Queen will get the conspiracy theorists working full time, for after all, he has to receive his orders doesn’t he?

Only kidding; the one thing we can be certain of, is that compared to the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace (pictures of which we are showing) even President-elect Trump’s apartment looks quite modest.

What has this got to do with gold and silver? – nothing other than that we shall be keeping a very close eye on your President’s entourage in case they attempt to refill Fort Knox with her Majesties Gold artefacts to make up the alleged deficit. One cannot be too careful can one?

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