Why the Dollar won’t collapse on 31st December 2016 – Guaranteed

Video transcript:

Today is Tuesday 20th December 2016 and we are going to give you irrefutable proof as to why we can guarantee that the US dollar will not collapse on 31st December 2016 – Guaranteed from the illuminati itself. If we are wrong, then unsubscribe from our channel, if we are right then please go and encourage 5 other people to enrol.

So before we provide you with this irrefutable proof we would like to draw your attention to some of the sites on You Tube who have already been proven wrong:

• On 4th September 2016 – ‘What’s up America’ with 104 subscribers - produced a video entitled – ‘Why the US dollar will collapse on 27 September 2016’

• On 18th September 2016 – ‘Chaos and Collapse’ with 13,000 subscribers – produced a video entitled - Economic Collapse WARNING Why The Dollar Will Collapse on 27 September 2016

• On 6th April 2016 – ‘TruthUnveiled777’ with 120,000 subscribers – produced a video entitled – ‘Economic Collapse Imminent! World Leaders Conspire to KILL THE DOLLAR!’

• On 23rd March 2015 –‘We are Change’ with 407,000 subscribers – produced a video entitled – ‘How Putin Is Trying To Destroy The U.S Dollar’ and comments favourably upon its likely success.

• On 24th February 2015 – ‘Elite NWO Agenda’ with 82,000 subscribers – produced a video entitled - U.S. DOLLAR COLLAPSE – ‘Russia Unloads 20% Of Its Total U.S. Holdings In ONE Month’

• On 3rd December 2014 – ‘watchman warning’ with 10,000 subscribers – produced a video entitled – ‘The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse’ and predicted it would happen before 2015 was out.

• On 13th Feb 2014 – ‘AMTV’ with 371,000 subscribers – produced a video entitled – ‘China Hoarding Gold Before U.S. Dollar Collaps’ – indicating that the collapse was due very very soon – that was nearly 3 years ago.

Now everyone is predicting the dollar collapse will occuron 31st December 2016. Yes having failed to forecast it correctly during the past 3+ years, they are now all hoping that their forecasting skills will be proven correct just 11 days from now.

So who is predicting this:

Well a number of sites are quoting Anonymous and other so called experts who include:

Money News
Chaos & Collapse
World News
Economic Collapse today
Economic news
Global Economic News
And the list goes on and on

In addition, we haven’t even touched on the regular pumpers who have been predicting either dollar or global economic collapse for years now, who also include:

Kings World News
Silver Doctors
Greg Hunter
Jim Sinclair
Paul Craig Roberts
Gregory Mannarino
Gerald Celente
Rob Kirby
Peter Schiff
Mike Maloney
Bill Holter
John Williams
Andy Hoffman
And the most outrageous of all Dr. Jim Willie

OK let’s get back to the facts.

Today the dollar is bouncing back toward its 14-year high against a basket of major currencies as the yen quickly gave up some of its gains following deadly incidents in Turkey and Germany.

The U.S. dollar remains well-bid against many other currencies, with its index rising back to 103.36 from Monday's low of 102.52, coming within sight of its 14-year peak of 103.56 briefly touched last Thursday. Please note we are now quoting a low of 102 – who would have thought this when the dollar index stood at just 80 back in July 2011 and from then onwards, the US dollar collapse has been imminent?

Recently the dollar has been helped in part by upbeat comments from:

a. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on the U.S. jobs market.
b. The Federal Reserve predicting 3 interest rate rises next year and 2 for 2018
c. Expectations that the incoming Trump Administration's planned tax cuts and fiscal spending could lead to higher U.S. growth and inflation thereby lifting U.S. bond yields and the dollar since last month.
d. Most other major economies adopting a QE and currency devaluation policy rather than an interest rate rising policy as in the US.

Taking a look at what is happening with other world currencies:

The euro slipped 0.2 percent to $1.0382, extending its 0.5 percent fall on Monday and edging near its Dec. 15th low of $1.03665, its weakest level since January 2003.

The British pound also dipped to $1.2355, its lowest in about a month and last stood at $1.2383.

The Australian dollar fell to 6-1/2-month low of $0.7240, turning negative for the year.

The dollar also rose to 117.75 yen, quickly recovering from Monday's low of 116.55 yen as fresh buying emerged after the Bank of Japan kept monetary policy unchanged at its meeting ending on Tuesday.

The BOJ affirmed its twin targets of minus 0.10% interest on some excess reserves and the zero percent 10-year government bond yield.

The safe-haven Swiss Franc also hit a six-month high of 1.0680 per euro on Monday and last stood at 1.0684.

So with so many currencies falling against the dollar and the dollar continuing its upward surge – is it just possible that perhaps on 31st December the dollar could in fact collapse?

The answer is an emphatic ‘NO’ and we can guarantee this without exception. How you may ask – well the answer is not only just simple, but also proves the illogicality of all those sites which are quoting that it will.

This is how we are so sure despite having only 8000 subscribers, all of which are regarded with the highest esteem. The forex market (the foreign exchange market) is the largest financial market in the world, trading around $1.5 trillion each day. ... The market is open 24 hours a day from 5pm EST on Sunday until 4pm EST Friday. So you see, as the 31st of December is a Saturday there are no currency markets open and so no matter what happens economically, there simply cannot be a crash on the 31st December 2016.

We are not saying this to appear clever, as we are confident most of you knew that anyway, we just wanted you to try and get us 5 new subscribers. Thank you for your support. And watch out for these false headlines or as we are often hearing about – FAKE NEWS.

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