Zero Hedge Headline debunked for Exaggeration or Scaremongering.

Video transcript:

Today is Monday 9th January 2017 and we were in the process of completing a video on Bitcoin until we saw this following headline on ZeroHedge:

“Crude Crushed, Dollar Dumps As Bonds & Bullion Bounce” by Tyler Durden today.

“Crude Crushed, Dollar Dumps As Bonds & Bullion Bounce”

Sorry we just had to stop and call this for what it really is as we did with Silver Doctors telling everyone that silver eagles were no longer available from the US Mint quite a few weeks before Christmas, when the Mint confirmed that they were available. We produced a video highlighting this on 22nd November under the heading – ‘Have 2016 Silver Eagles really sold out?’ where we debunked their story.

So let’s dissect this headline and analyse it a little closer:

Crude Crushed. Crude prices did fall today Brent Crude fell 4.03% to $54.80 and WTI Crude fell 4.07% to $51.79 this is quite a sizeable fall but a crush it certainly isn’t especially as Crude has only recently entered $50 territory having rested for some time in the $30 - $40 range.

Dollar Dumps – mmmm the Dollar index is 101.95 down 0.27 or a quarter of one percent but still considerably higher than it was a couple of months ago and less than 2 points off its recent high. So this represents a dump? - interesting.

As Bonds and Bullion Bounce. Yes but what they don’t say about bonds is that, and wait for it, Banks have flooded the market with debt in the first days of the New Year, propelling a record pace of bond sales as companies seek to lock in borrowing costs before interest rates rise further.

Yes before interest rates rise further. So the market is expecting higher rates so how is that going to be good for bullion prices? Oh which have also bounced. Well since the start of the year in US dollar terms Gold is up $30 or 2.5% and silver is up 63 cents or 3.8%. A nice rise but hardly a significant bounce and certainly not commensurate with what some could regard as a somewhat deceiving headline just to gain attention.

So to put it in perspective when these pumpers tell you Crude Crushed, Dollar Dumps as Bonds and Bullion Bounce before you run out and panic buy all those precious metals before they go to the moon, as they clearly wish you to do with such a headline, just take a little closer look at what is actually happening.

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