Today is Monday 23rd November 2015 and we are providing an update on Platinum and mentioning two of its major supporters.

Mining entrepreneur Robert Friedland is bullish on Platinum Group metals long term, despite platinum p... Read more
Today is Sunday 27th September 2015 and we are producing this video to warn about a rocky road ahead for Platinum over the next few months.

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Today is Wednesday 29th July 2015 and we have produced this video to ask our loyal listeners if they would like us to reveal whom we believe to be the Silver and Gold ‘pumpers’ and what it is that they have said previously – in effec... Read more
Today is Sunday 26th July 2015 and we are briefly going to cover what is happening in the Platinum Marketplace.

On the 17th July platinum prices fell below $1,000 oz and currently stand at $987 oz - a low last seen back in 2... Read more